The DSF – a sustainable development framework for Dairy
The objective of the DSF is to provide the evidence and reporting to demonstrate the continuous sustainability improvement of the global dairy sector. It also provides the ability for organizations to connect and share existing activities with like-minded organizations allowing for cross-fertilization of ideas. The framework takes a collaborative and pre-competitive approach to sustainability in the global dairy value chain that is honest and transparent. A way to demonstrate at a high level that the dairy sector is producing a nutritionally valuable product in a sustainable way.

The principles of the Dairy Sustainability Framework



Ensure regional or localised sustainability programs are aligned under the sector’s vision for sustainability.


Bring together all regional and local activity and share this with the membership to increase the speed of solution finding.


Through a collaborative and focused framework, the speed of activity and subsequent progress is accelerated.

DSF members

DSF members decide locally on their sustainability activities whilst still contributing to the global aggregate progress.