10 Years of monitoring & reporting dairy sustainability progress!

DSF 2023 Annual Meeting, Chicago

Celebrations got underway at the DSF Annual Meeting in Chicago on 14th October, where over 80 delegates from six continents gathered in-person and online, with the publication of the DSF Annual Sustainability Progress for the 2022 Calendar Year, available in six languages. The DSF represents 30% of total global milk (cow and buffalo) production, which equates to over 50% of the formal milk market. Speaking at the DSF’s Annual Meeting in Chicago this weekend, Director Brian Lindsay said,
“For the first time, Animal Care was the number one priority for DSF Members, closely followed by GHG Emissions. Rural Economies was the third most prioritised Criteria, reflecting the increasing emphasis on economic sustainability.”

“This year the DSF is celebrating its 10th anniversary as the dairy sector’s global monitoring and reporting framework for environmental, social and economic progress. The reporting data from DSF Members is aggregated to produce the annual progress report, through which we are able to demonstrate the dairy sector’s role and contribution towards the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals.”

A key part of the meeting was a panel discussion with industry experts from across the dairy supply chain providing their insights into the challenges ahead and how the industry might collaborate on these to keep ahead of the sustainability curve. Power breakouts gave participants the opportunity to debate these insights and identify the most pertinent actions. Read more about the Annual Meeting in the DSF November Newsletter.